The way curtains are folded and stitched are call pleats – a classic type of curtains would be pleated panels. They are made with the accompany of header tape, and sewn from the panel’s back. The tape forms the pleats when pulled together, with hooks then inserted into the tape and hung on rings, or traverse rods, which use a cord-and-pulley system for opening and closing the panels. There are several styles of pleats, all of which are sewn into a panel’s top edge to create a decorative header.

Pleated panel curtains can look absolutely gorgeous with its perfectly tailored pleats. Pinch Pleats are a highly raved way to finished off the top of the drapes or curtains to create a classic and neat look. The pinch pleated is a good way to add dramatic yet timeless look, and also compliments any traditional or elegant style space. This type of drapery is called ‘pinch pleats’ because the top of the drape is literally pinched together, and it is evenly spaced apart and weighted from the hem of the fabric. This creates a tailored look while the fabric drops nicely to the bottom. Pinch pleats come in 2-fingers or 3-fingers pleated pinches depending on the style you wish to create.