Dramatic folds and easy operation make our Ripple Fold drapery a great choice for creating a modern look. Perfect for large areas, Ripple Fold drapery can be used to unify multiple windows or large expanses by covering an entire wall.

Ripplefold curtains are a great choice for creating a contemporary and modern look. They are perfect for large areas or large windows or by covering an entire wall. They are made of soft-ripple-like folds, which flows smoothly from one end to another, and it is gently tailored to create the perfect look. It is suitable for both commercial or residential areas. The folds are made identically to compliment the whole ripple style, creating a architectural advantage, as they are positioned and spaced nicely.

The advantages of having ripple fold curtains are that these curtains have minimum track exposure, therefore creating a neater look, and are also low in maintenance, being easy to clean as they are perfectly flat, therefore cleaning is simpler and less expensive. They are also an economical essential for your home.