[jeg_heading type=”h1″ float=”center” title=”Singapore’s Premium Curtains and Blinds Supplier” alt=”Beautifying your home with more than just window dressings.”][jeg_service_image_wrapper][jeg_service_image_item image=”2380″ title=”Curtains” alt=”Blocks out harsh sunlight while giving you optimum privacy control. An essential in every home. Different styles and theme for your selection.”][jeg_service_image_item image=”2381″ title=”Blinds” alt=”An inexpensive and simple way to transform and rejuvenate your home interior. Choose from a wide array of colors, patterns and even textures.”][jeg_service_image_item image=”2382″ title=”Wallpapers” alt=”An ideal and easy way to complete your home look, or build up atmosphere instantly. Comes in many patterns and designs. Create your own style and theme.”][/jeg_service_image_wrapper]
[jeg_heading type=”h3″ float=”center” title=”Our Value-added Services”][jeg_service_block_wrapper itemwidth=”3″][jeg_service_block_item icon=”fa-phone” title=”Consultation & Site Assessment” desc=”We offer non-obligatory quotations via phone, email or onsite measurements for all premises in Singapore. Simply send us your floor plan or make an appointment with us.”][jeg_service_block_item icon=”fa-money” title=”Professional and Friendly Assistance” desc=”We give expert opinion on designs and fabrics to suit both your preferences and budget.”][jeg_service_block_item icon=”fa-thumbs-o-up” title=”Dust-free installation with excellent workmanship” desc=”We install our products with quality workmanship to ensure customers’ satisfaction.”][/jeg_service_block_wrapper]
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Since our establishment in 2011, The Curtain Boutique has been rapidly serving both homeowners and commercial clients as a Curtains and Blinds supplier in Singapore and have even had the opportunity to work with firms such as Singapore Airlines, SBS Transit, Rolls Royce etc with many of them constantly returning or referring new customers to us.

That is because here at The Curtain Boutique, we recognize the impact window dressing does to the overall interior design and ambience of any space. Therefore, we are committed in providing you with the best window dressings of top notch quality to suit your décor needs, and transform your windows into a centre piece of your décor. To do so, we have amassed a myriad collections of stunning designs and quality fabrics for our made-to-measure curtains, blinds, shutters and shades. We also pride ourselves in being an authorized gallery dealer for Hunter Douglas Window Fashions.

[jeg_heading type=”h2″ float=”center” title=”The Curtain Boutique Singapore Residential Works” alt=”Our professional soft furnishings stylists will look beyond traditional concepts to integrate your space with the right type of curtains and/or blinds so as to create an ideal ambience to live in and help turn your house into a home.”][jeg_heading type=”h2″ float=”center” title=”AN EXPERIENCED SINGAPORE CURTAINS SUPPLIER”]

We have over 10+ years of combined experience in the Singapore Curtain industry and is today one of the leading blinds & Curtain Suppliers in Singapore. We have an in-depth understanding of what you need when it comes to both design and practicality. Boasting a huge range of designs including bamboo, vertical, Roman, black outs and many more, we have an option to suit any requirement and will not be satisfied until you are. We even offer motorised blinds and curtains as a supplier in Singapore to give you maximum convenience and full control over the lighting at your home or office.

No matter your budget, style or requirements, we will find the perfect Curtains or Blinds for you and your family. With the Curtain Boutique, you can put your mind at ease and know for a fact that your home or office is in good hands.

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