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Made of fiberglass coated with PVC which best suit indoor spaces with vast windows. In rooms where usage of computers are regular, Ecoview works best to reduce the level of glare from windows. At the same time, it allows natural light into the room for occupants comfort.

Features & benefits

  • Modern design and colours
  • Solar optical properties – heat and UV protection, insulation, glare reduction and shade
  • Stability in fabric – material does not shrink, stretch or twist
  • Allows certain level of daylight privacy
  • Fire resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Resists fading
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100% PVC free, Greenscreen is an environmental friendly product that can be easily recycled. It does not emit thick amount of smoke when burnt, allowing occupants to make their way to safety during emergency.


Greenscreen Eco
This eco-friendly range is lightweight with 100% Polyester material, making it suitable for interior shadings.

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Solutions for both visual and thermal comfort, Helioscreen fabric structure allows in diffuse daylight, while blocking direct sun rays. At the same time provides outside view with its transparency. Made from fiberglass material, Helioscreen limits heat accumulation in interiors by blocking up to 50% of solar light.

INTERIOR SHADES - Star2115, Natte2115

Internal shading that offers a combination of heat and light control that allows in the right amount of light and blocks away harmful rays and heat.


Made of smooth and lightweight materials -PVC Coated Fiberglass which provides good value in both commercial and residential usage.

Comes in 3 openess factor – 3%, 5 % and 10%


Designed to perform in building exterior, this window shade works best to allow in light but blocks off the heat from the sun. Serge 2165 provides the best quality in Helioscreen range.

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A new technology in Sunscreen products – Optimascreen™ is made up of polyester coated with PVC, offering more than 50% indoor energy saving and also antibacterial effect against mold and virus. This new innovation in window coverings is safe for usage indoors. One will also be able to enjoy a good view of the outdoors whilst staying protected from the harmful solar heat.


Safe to Human Body

  • Passed EU EN713-3 in Endocrine distruptor
  • Safe to infants

Fire Retardant

  • Passed NFPA 701-89 small scale testing (US) & Korea
  • Fire Equipment Inspection Corp 06-03 (KFI)
  • Suitable for high rise buildings and public spaces

Passed Smoke Density Test

  • Low smoke emission ensures occupants safe escape during fire disaster
  • Passed the most crucial standard for human safety – ISO 5659-2 (less 200)

Visual comfort

  • Effective in reducing glare and reflection
  • Diffuses light naturally into rooms through the fabric weaves

Environmental Friendly

  • Passed Oekotex Standard 100
  • Free from heavy metal hazardous substance

Toxic Substance Free

  • Free of Lead (PBB and PBDE)
  • Does not contain Formaldehyde (a form of toxic additive)


  • Low Volat from unpleasant smell
  • Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) makes Optimascreen free

Prevent from Discoloration

  • High quality material that prevents fabric to turn yellowish or reddish from long term exposure to solar heat or ultra violet rays

Thermal Comfort and Energy Saving

  • Significant savings in air conditioning energy and cost
  • Improves overall thermal comfort

Long lasting antibacterial effect

  • Verified by Huntingdon Life Science
  • Passed acute toxic test, skin response test, bacterial reverse mutation test and antibacterial test against mold and virus

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