Limited Warranty

The Curtain Boutique Warranty is an expression of our desire to provide a thoroughly satisfying experience when selecting, purchasing and living with your window coverings.
Our products are warranted for a period of ONE (1) Year against mechanism defects, unless other period is otherwise stated in the invoice.


The warranty is non-transferable and does not cover:

  1. Any conditions caused by wear & tear.
  2. Abuse, accidents, misuse or alterations to the product.
  3. Exposure to elements (sun damage, wind, water/moisture) and discolouration over time.
  4. If the user fails to follow our instructions with respect to size limitations, proper installation, cleaning or maintenance.
  5. Shipping charges, cost of removal and re-installation.
  6. If the user is not able to produce the original invoice upon request.


In the event of any claim under this warranty, The Curtain Boutique reserve our rights to decide, either (1) To repair the affected area, (2) To replace the faulty parts, (3) To partial refund the price of the job to the user.

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