Limited Warranty

Warranty claims covers the following only (unless otherwise stated):

–    System mechanism (failure to operate within warranty period).

–    Labour and transportation costs during the first year only

Warranty claims do not cover the following:

–    Any conditions caused by wear and tear and associated replacement / repair cost.

–    Abuse, accidents, misuse, scratches or alteration to the products / materials and associated replacement / repair cost.

–    Labour and transportation costs after the first year, cost of removal, re-installation.

Limited warranty on fabric

–    Warranty claims do not cover damages to the material from any external source or normal slight gradual fading.

–    Any defects found on fabric must be reported within 1 days after installation. Customer must ensure someone is available to check on the condition of the goods upon installation. If otherwise, the Company will not be held responsible.

Warranty coverage is still subjected to other terms and conditions and will be activated only upon full payment received.

The period of warranty shall start from the date of installation and shall cover a period of:

–  ONE (1) Year for all our in-house products (curtains, blinds, wallpapers, solar films).

–  TWO (2) Years for all Hunter Douglas products.

–  FIVE (5) Years for all motorised curtains and blinds, Ziptrak® manual and motorised mechanism, Sandblast and Reflective series solar films.

–  SEVEN (7) Years for Sputter series solar films.

–  TEN (10) Years for X-infrared (XIR) series solar films.