Sandblast films

If our Singapore Curtains & Blinds are not your thing, you can opt to use Window Films instead.

Sandblast films are created to provide optimum privacy without compromising on the amount of light passing through. There are limitless opportunities for customized designs done on cutting plotter machines. Add text, lines and even graphics to the films. and design are easily changeable and fuss-free to maintain. With a thickness of 140-Micron*, the films provide minimal shrinkage and maximum privacy.


Comes in Neutral, Color, EasyOFF and SuperStic. Click on each category to find out more.

Protect3 Solar Films

Protect, protect and protect. Prot3ct solar films aim to not only protect you but to improve your life in terms of your personal comfort, health and wealth.


Click on each category to find out more:

Protect3 Solar Films

Light Control Series

Reflective Series

Sputter Series

X-IR Premium Series

Safety Films

Pattern Films

Pattern films to create a new look for your window and at the same time offers privacy.

Click on Patterns Films for more info.

Colored Stickers

Opaque colored films which are suitable for use on plot-cutting machines for text, lines, and graphics.

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Print Media

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