Protect, protect and protect. Prot3ct solar films aim to not only protect you but to improve your life in terms of your personal comfort, health and wealth.

For Comfort

By installing Prot3ct solar films on your windows, you can reduce the amount of heat, light and glare entering the room from the glass panels. Overall temperature is also lowered and brought to a minimal level, for you to derive pleasure and comfort working indoors without reflection from the glass panels.

For Health

Prot3ct films also reject 99% of harmful UV rays which is a contributing factor for skin cancers and diseases, eye problems like cataracts, pterygium and pinguecula and promote premature ageing of the skin. The amount of UV protection is almost equivalent to that of a SPF 100* sunscreen. In the event of accidental breakage, be it tempered or float glass; Prot3ct film is able to hold the broken shards in place, preventing further cuts and injuries.

For Wealth

Save up your dollars and cents in terms of energy savings as you enjoy the heat-reduction properties of Prot3ct films. Prized possessions such as rare rugs, collectible paintings and expensive furniture are also shielded from the effects of harmful UV rays which may cause discoloring or fading of certain materials in the long run.

The films also act as a second line of defense in the event of a break-in, to deter potential burglars after the glass is broken.