Day Curtains / Sheer Curtains

Soft & Soothing

What are Day Curtains?

Curtains can be categorised into two types: Day curtains and Night curtains.

Day curtains, which are also known as sheer curtains, are made from lightweight materials such as organza and lace.

They are prized for their versatility, allowing the sun to peek into the house and supply natural light during the day while reducing glare. Although they provide great daytime privacy, they are best matched with night curtains for higher privacy when the lights are on at night.

Day curtains are often overlooked due to the misconception that they are ‘high-maintenance’. Contrary, Day Curtains require very little maintenance and can help to soften the overall look of a home. Its ability to diffuse the sun’s incoming UV rays and heat can lead to cooler homes and cost savings as a result of your air-conditioner not needing to work as hard.

To sum up, day curtains are effective pieces in any curtain setup!

Characteristics of Day Curtains
  • Made from light weight material
  • Softens light, reduces glare from sun
  • Prized for versatility
  • Diffuses sun UV rays and heat

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