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Flexible outdoor solution 
Fully Retractable & Frame-less iGlass System. Extend your living space with ease.

iGlass are a fully retractable, frame-less and easy to use glass panels made to withstand outdoor elements. It is made from 10mm thick and clear tempered glass, that are tested to meet stringent standards. To operate, simply slide and swing to open, the glass sits neatly to the side. Because of its ultra-slim aluminum profiles and frame-less panels, iGlass is barely visible from the inside and out. The modern design easily complements the interior of your home.

With iGlass panels, young children and pets can now roam freely and safely to the balcony area without the risk of falling out. It also provide an amazing temporary protection from rain, haze, noise, dust and flying insects. Even when panels are fully closed, natural ventilation still flows as breeze can come through between the gaps.
Perfect fit for any balcony.
Shield and protect your loved ones from the haze and flying pests from outdoor. iGlass adds an extra layer of protection from the dirty emission and harsh elements while keeping your indoors clean from dusty floors. Let your children or pets play in the outdoor no matter the weather as it helps to blocks out rain, wind and harmful UV rays.
glass panel
glass panel
glass panel
glass panel

Raised on box profile


Semi concealed

Fully concealed

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