Vertical Blinds

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The Differences of Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds consist of a row of, well, vertical slats. They are easier and faster to operate than their horizontal slats cousin, Venetian Blinds. This is because Vertical Blinds retract from left to right, just like Curtains. This allows their weight to be leveraged evenly, as compared to the effort required to pull slates up.

The slats of the Vertical Blinds are designed to rotate and control the amount of light. When closed, offers complete privacy. Providing confidence that roaming eyes will not be able to look into your home.

This multi-functional design makes them immensely useful. Add to that their chic aesthetic and their relatively low cost, and you can begin to see why vertical blinds are a favourite among homes and offices.

Are Vertical Blinds Outdated?

In short, not at all! In recent years, the popularity of vertical blinds has shifted from most windows to sliding doors. This is simply because there are a great many options for windows available like versatile Korean Combi Blinds, minimalistic Rollers Blinds or exquisite Roman Blinds.

Although Vertical Blinds have descended a little from their peak popularity, they remain a highly viable option. For covering sliding doors and wide windows, vertical blinds persist as one of the best window treatment options today.

Smart Curtain

Similar to Vertical blinds, Smart Curtains integrate the S-fold design commonly found in ordinary curtains into individual vertical vanes. Each vane features two different built-in opacities, allowing you to effortlessly transform your space from a light-filled environment to a dimmer one with added privacy, all with a simple tug of a cord.

An additional dimension of versatility? You don’t have to draw them to access your balcony – simply walk through, as Smart Curtains lack the beaded chains found in traditional Vertical Blinds.

Maintaining Vertical Blinds

With Vertical slats, dust doesn’t get accumulated as much as horizontal slats. It’s effortless to dust a full section of vertical blinds in one sweep, while horizontal blinds have strings and other mechanisms that might be a little more cumbersome.

Another plus point for Vertical Blinds is that, for in the rare event that they get damaged, single-blind panels can be easily replaced.

If you ever need to replace your blinds, be sure that The Curtain Bouqitue’s advisors are just a call or a click away!

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