Blackout Curtains

Total Darkness

Blackout Night Curtains
Essential to healthy, deep rest.

As the name suggests, Blackout curtains block 100% of the sunlight, creating complete darkness, making it extremely suitable for people who are very sensitive to light when sleeping.

Blackout Curtains are the best choice to achieve this. They are highly recommended for people who suffer from insomnia and also for parents who are looking to cultivate sleeping habits in infants and young children.

The triple material layers of Blackout Night Curtains insulates your room and absorbs some sound, further enhancing the quality of sleep. For those who prefer not to have complete darkness, there are also dim-out night curtains.

The material construction of dim-out curtains allows it to block 80% of the sunlight. This provides a dim, but not a totally dark setting for a “Soft Blackout”.

With their characteristics, Night Curtains are a must for any home theatre system!

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Characteristics of Night Curtains

  • Blocks 100% of sunlight
  • Ideal choice for bedrooms
  • Provide maximum privacy
  • An essential for any room

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