Venetian Blinds consist of a stack of horizontal slats. They are strung and suspended atop each other, so the slats can be rotated in unison to nearly 180 degrees.

When fully rotated, the slats overlap each other and block off all light attempting to pass through, creating complete privacy.

Besides this versatility, their low maintenance also makes them favourites among homeowners. Simply wiping them down with a cloth or duster is usually enough to keep them clean.

Moreover, they are aesthetically pleasing – their neat design is ideal for adding a touch of sophistication to your windows! Coming in an impressive range of styles and colours, it’s easy to find one that complements your décor.

We offer venetian blinds in three materials:

PVC Venetian Blinds

PVC venetian blinds are prized for their waterproofness, making them perfect for use in spaces that are prone to getting wet such as the bathroom and the kitchen.

In addition, their lightweight nature gives them a markedly different appearance from wooden venetian blinds. You can even customise the colour of your PVC venetian blinds to truly make a statement.

Wooden Venetian Blinds

If you are looking for a centrepiece for your living room, bedroom or study room, search no further than wooden venetian blinds. With over 30 stunning hues to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice.

Homeowners with a traditional or a Scandinavian décor can also count on wooden venetian blind to blend in seamlessly.

Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Aluminium venetian blinds are durable and economical, but no less customisable with a huge variety of shades on offer.

A major advantage of aluminium venetian blinds is that they are very effective in reflecting sunlight and heat. This function helps cut down on the amount of electricity used for keeping your home cool, resulting in more cost savings in the long term.



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