5 Ways to Hide Your Unsightly Air Con Unit

Singapore’s humid weather makes air conditioning a must! However, these bulky contraptions can look out of place and clash with the rest of your home decor. Air con units can be a major eyesore in a room, and since getting rid of it isn’t an option, the next best thing is to make it less conspicuous. Here are a 5 simple tips on how to distract the eye away from that unsightly air con unit and towards the rest of your home.

#1 Use Matching Colours

Choose an air-con unit that’s the same colour as your walls and window frames for it to blend in and look less obvious on your walls. A light, neutral shade will work best as the eye will be drawn to the coloured items in the room instead.

#2 Add interest to other parts of the room

Another way to distract attention from the air con unit is to draw attention to another part of the room.

Try creating a feature wall as the main focal point of the room and leave the rest of the walls bare. There are many creative ways to create a standout, distinguishing part of the room. Wallpaper is a quick & convenient solution! Take your pick from The Curtain Boutique’s range of wallpaper in an endless choice of colours, prints and textures. For a more DIY approach, use paint to create patterns, lines and colour blocking, or simply paint a contrasting colour to draw attention. Large, framed paintings or a collage of smaller framed art is also a great way to accentuate a wall.

Another option is to have plain walls and colourful furniture and décor pieces to make the walls and air con unit fade into the background. Try having bold coloured or patterned curtains or blinds against white walls and air-con unit. The bolder the design, the more attention it’ll take away from the more unsightly parts of your home!

#3 Intergrate into the space

One handy trick is to include your air con unit with the rest of the items and décor in the room. For example, try placing a backless bookshelf around the air con unit together with your other display items. This way, the air-con unit blends in as one of the items on the shelf and looks less of a nuisance and more like a part of the décor!

If you’re doing a home renovation, consider moving the aircon unit above the door, which is the least conspicuous part of the room.

#4 Build a Cabinet

Try building an enclosed space around the aircon unit! If you’re renovating or reconstructing parts of your home, consider designing your room such that the cabinet aligns with the air-con unit and can be covered behind the doors. Or have a top shelf built in to cover up the air-con unit. When closed, it simply looks like a regular piece of furniture in the room!

#5 Flaunt it!

If options 1 to 4 aren’t for you, why not transform your air-con unit into a décor piece instead? Choose an air-on unit with a plain base and add on your decorations. Try adding wall murals or large stickers following the theme or colour palette of the room.