Month: July 2014

Living room

As living room is the biggest space in our homes, we tend to beautify them with furniture and of course, dressing the windows. If your living room has distinguished structural design, such high ceilings or bay windows, you can take advantage of window dressings to draw attention to these structures. While lower windows can be […]
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Fabric and Colour

Creating the desired mood of your room.  Fabrics bring out a different atmosphere and environment from each different type. If you’re looking for a more formal yet elegant look, silk or velvet fabrics will do well, and they act as a very good insulator too. These fabrics are only to be dry clean. For a […]
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Your Guide to Window Treatments

Sometimes we get paralysed by the amount of choices when it comes to shopping. Shopping for window treatments is no exception. The Curtain Boutique hopes our guide gives you a quick primer in finding the ideal dressings for your home. Before we get started, we have to know some important basic care and tips, or […]
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