Living room

As living room is the biggest space in our homes, we tend to beautify them with furniture and of course, dressing the windows. If your living room has distinguished structural design, such high ceilings or bay windows, you can take advantage of window dressings to draw attention to these structures. While lower windows can be finished by woven and billowy curtains that mounted high to accentuate room’s height and making the whole look gentle and elegant.

Choosing fabrics plays a role establishing the colour palette of the entire space.  In this case, choosing patterned or textured fabric can influence how your living room feel and look like, along with matching up plain furniture. Choosing neutral or subtle shades with no patterns for your window treatments, you’ll get a calm yet delicate background. Pattern or textured roman shades made of linen or silky fabrics looks like they shine in the daylight, which reveals an interesting texture that sparkle up your space.

Living rooms are usually used to play host to parties or where you can relax in – they need function yet simplicity built in. For a basic and essential functions & feel, having both sheer and thick fabrics gives double functions such as to control sunlight from day time, and full privacy for night time, such as the day and night curtains duo. Perfect match.

Sometimes our living rooms are more for creating a positive image to visitors or occasions. These will then need elegant and sophisticated window dressings. Raw silk coupled up with tassels hang from metal rods will allow a luxurious feel.