7 Simple Tips to Sound Proof your Room


Singapore is a small island and chances are that you have a neighbour living right next door to you. With events such as the upcoming Euro 2016 where Soccer matches run late into the night, learning how to sound proof your room has never been more imporant; no matter you are the one cheering for your team or the one affected by the next-door screaming.

Here’s 7 tips on how you can sound proof your room and remove yourself from all the buzz.

1. Installing a Door Sweep

Ever tried closing your room door in hopes of removing yourself from the world only to find that you could still hear the noise from your living room despite the fact that your room door is completely shut? Well that is cause your door is not as tight as  you hope for it to be. There are gaps under your door and these gaps allow for sound waves to pass through. Simply install a door sweep and it will help prevent sound waves from getting into your room.

2. Applying caulk to gaps

Much like how we use the door sweep to block out sound traveling through the gap under the door, use normal or acoustical caulk to fill gaps, cracks and seams on your wall and around your window. Do not underestimate what difference filling these little seams and cracks can make in sound proofing your room.

3.  Make use of Book shelves

The science of soundwaves is simple. Each time a sound wave passes through an object of matter, the soundwave loses a bit of it’s energy.  Make your walls thicker and use dense Furnitures such as a bookcase filled with books as a great sound barrier. Dense furnitures help consume much of the sound energy before it travels to your ears.

4. Adding a Carpet

When we think of sound proofing, we tend to think of the soundwaves traveling in a single direction. But it isn’t the case. Sound waves travel in all directions and sound proofing your floor would prevent noise from affecting your downstairs neighbor (or vice versa if you are the one being affected). Choose either a extra thick carpet pad or a soft acoustically absorbent carpet to increase it’s ability to seive out noise.

5. Use Wooden Doors

Most houses come with cheap and holo doors these days and these doors do not do much for sound proofing. Change out your doors to a solid door with a wooden core for better sound proofing.

6.  Overhaul your room

While the suggestions we have suggested thus far are all inexpensive and relatively simple to implement, if you truly want to sound proof your room, you would need to give your room a complete overhaul and add in an extra layer of wall and insult it, add sound clips & resilient channels, install ceiling baffles (if your room height allows) and add soundproof panels/acoustic panels.

7. Adding Curtains


Another relatively cheap and easy to implement method to reduce noise in your room is to add curtains & draperies which would prevent sound from traveling in or out your windows. While it doesn’t completely remove and prevent sound from passing through, heavy black out curtains  that cover from the ceiling to the floor has been known to drastically reduce noise. The Curtain Boutique is one of Singapore’s Leading Curtain and Blind supplier. View our entire range of Curtains and/or speak to us about your requirements  for us to help you find solve your Curtain needs.