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Tips for a Pet-Friendly Home

More and more Singaporeans are now sharing their homes with their four-legged friends. As much as we adore our pets, cohabitating with them may pose some challenges! Below are some tips on how to create a home that you and your pets will love and live in harmoniously! 1.     Durable flooring Your pets may leave […]
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5 Basic Child Safety Home Solutions

Children are curious by nature and they’re sure to uncover danger in all the nooks & crannies in your home that you may not have even thought of! Going through the endless list of things to child-proof can be overwhelming. So here are 5 basic child-proof measures to start with! 1.     Mount Furniture When children […]
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6 Tips to Create a Low Maintenance Home

Everyone wants a beautiful home, and perhaps more importantly, for it to stay beautiful! Sometimes the best aesthetic choice may not be the most practical in the upkeep aspect. With a hectic schedule and workaholic lifestyle in Singapore, you may not want to spend your precious free time doing chores. Here are a few tips […]
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Are you a light sleeper? Here’s how to choose the right bedroom curtains and shades for a restful sleep

Light sleepers can relate when we say there are some who cannot slumber in peace when there is even the slightest light distractions. Thankfully, you can enjoy uninterrupted sleep with suitable window coverings! Here are 3 options of window treatments that will engulf your room in complete darkness to guarantee a peaceful rest. Blackout curtains […]
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