Tips for a Pet-Friendly Home

More and more Singaporeans are now sharing their homes with their four-legged friends. As much as we adore our pets, cohabitating with them may pose some challenges! Below are some tips on how to create a home that you and your pets will love and live in harmoniously!

1.     Durable flooring

Your pets may leave paw prints, scratches, dents or accidental bowel accidents while roaming about at home, so having stain and impact-resistant flooring is important! An option is floor laminate as it’s relatively durable, affordable and easy to clean.

In Singapore’s hot weather, flooring such as ceramic tiles are not only easier to keep clean but also are also cooler to the touch. This may be a consideration particularly for pets with thick or long fur. However, if you have more elderly dogs or cats, tiled flooring can be slippery for them. Add rugs to make it easier and safer for them to move around.

For those who are keen on hardwood flooring, keep in mind that hardwood scratches and dents more easily than other flooring materials, and must be cleaned immediately to prevent staining or warping.

2.     Keep away fragile or dangerous items

Aside from keeping clutter away, secure storage is also great for preventing curious paws from reaching fragile or dangerous items. The precious ornaments displayed on open shelving may be tampered with by pets. Try cabinets with glass doors instead! These will keep things on display while ensuring that both your pets and items stay safe.

3.     Choose the right furniture & furnishings

The right furniture can save you much hassle in cleaning! Choose couches and chairs with exposed legs to prevent pet hair from accumulating. The same goes for window treatments. Long drapes that pool on the floor will collect hair and other debris. Pets may also get entangled in and damage venetian blinds. Instead, go for simple blinds like roller blinds or combi blinds. Contact our dedicated staff at our showroom for more advice on what type of window treatment to choose!

4.     Choose the right fabrics

Your goal is to choose upholstery fabrics that will make things easier for you. Avoid buying chairs and sofas covered in velvet or chenille which attract pet hair, or delicate fabrics like silk that can be easily ruined by playful pets.

Instead, opt for tougher or engineered alternatives, such as FibreGuard. Their high-quality fabrics not only come in a wide variety of types and designs, but also has the latest Stain Free Technology. From stains left by pets to other household stains like coffee spills or pen marks, FibreGuard fabrics are easy to clean and look fresh for years to come! You can find FibreGuard fabrics at The Curtain Boutique, along with a variety of other soft furnishings.

5.     Have a designated pet area

Cats and dogs like to have their own go-to personal spots in the home too! You can find affordable ready-made dog crates or cat climbing trees at online pet stores. Or if you prefer to incorporate pet nooks into your existing furniture and décor, there are a few things to try out! Dog beds can fit under cabinets or bookshelves if a few of the lower shelves are removed. Cats love an elevated spot to nap or view the surroundings. Try clearing out a section of a bookshelf that could serve as a cosy spot for your cat. Add securely wall-mounted shelves above low furniture for climbing opportunities.

Like humans, pets have miscellaneous belongings in need of organization for easy accessibility. Add storage space for their toys, brushes and other supplies.

You can find quality soft furnishings like curtains, blinds, wallpaperZiptrak® blinds and more to complete the perfect home for you, your family and pets!

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