Design & Style Tips

Tips for a Pet-Friendly Home

More and more Singaporeans are now sharing their homes with their four-legged friends. As much as we adore our pets, cohabitating with them may pose some challenges! Below are some tips on how to create a home that you and your pets will love and live in harmoniously! 1.     Durable flooring Your pets may leave […]
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5 Tips for a Cosy Home

Having a cosy, comfortable home makes for enjoyable living. We have five tips that will help you create a warm, inviting home that will make you never want to leave! 1.     Warm Colours The effects of colour on the mood of a room is significant! For a cosier ambiance, steer away from bright, glaring colours […]
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Living room

As living room is the biggest space in our homes, we tend to beautify them with furniture and of course, dressing the windows. If your living room has distinguished structural design, such high ceilings or bay windows, you can take advantage of window dressings to draw attention to these structures. While lower windows can be […]
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