4 Ways to declutter your home to welcome the New Year


It’s time for spring cleaning as social gathering is now allowed up to eight people!

The long-awaited announcement for Phase 3 has finally been addressed by our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Monday, Dec 14 – just in time for the holiday season! That means, it is time for a big spring clean to clear that untidy space at home before inviting your guests over to celebrate the New Year. Whether it is clearing the shelves, cleaning your window furnishings, decluttering that dining table or redecorating your home, you’ve got to start somewhere and The Curtain Boutique here to help with a few tips on how to create the most inviting home this New Year!

Before you set out to clean your home, make sure you plan it out and remember to set goals (You can do this!).

1) The Living Room


As this area is where most of your friends and family hang out, try to keep it simple and items in the area to a minimum so it doesn’t feel crowded and messy. Invest on space organisers or storage boxes to store items that are seldom used as you’ll want the room to be bright and spacious for your guests.

Pro Tip: Consider adding Day Curtains to amp up the whole room as Day Curtains can soften the look of your home by providing the right amount of sunlight without it beaming strongly into your home.

2. The Balcony

The favourite area of all – a quiet little nook to escape and enjoy the scenery.

Having a balcony in your home comes in handy when you need them as an extra space, but this also means having dust, rainwater, leaves or even dead insects laying around in your balcony. Ew! Cleaning an entire balcony might seem like tough work, but little do you know they require minimal maintenance. If your deck seems too dirty, try cleaning it with a solution and brushing to clear up stubborn stains. Develop a weekly habit to sweep your balcony to avoid having dust or dirt trapped in the drain.

Pro Tip: Consider investing in Ziptrak® outdoor blind as it helps to shield unwanted outdoor elements like the heat, dust, rainwater or dirt. Now you can enjoy a dry and dust-free balcony! Ziptrak® is equipped with exclusive patented features such as gapless Track-Guided system and Spring-Chain system, one of the highest quality zip blind in the market.

3. The Kitchen

We know, we too enjoy cooking but hate the cleaning. Whether it is just light cooking or a cooking showdown, we must clean the grease! This is the area where we spend our time cooking while socialising with our friends and family, so you wouldn’t want them to step into a stuffy kitchen. Use a microfibre cloth when it comes to cleaning oil spills or greasy floor as they are the best cloth to absorb oil even without any detergent. Countertops, kitchen spills, meet your new nemesis.

Tip: Keep your windows open when cooking to avoid a stuffy and steamy kitchen. If you want to keep it well ventilated while having your privacy, consider using Roller Blind or PVC Venetian blinds for your kitchen window as they are waterproof, easy to clean and requires very little maintenance. On top of that, adding a blind to your kitchen can really make the whole area pop!

4. The Bedroom (Bonus)

Finally, the bedroom! Though the doors are closed when your guest are around but it’s about time to give your bedroom a deep cleaning because it’s equally important – a messy bedroom can add everyday stress, cause anxiety and even interfere with your quality of sleep. First thing first, declutter and pick-up things that do not belong in the bedroom. Clear out THE CHAIR that holds all your dirty clothes! Rearrange the items and place them back where they belong, change fresh sheets and simply vacuum and wipe all surfaces with a damp cloth. Remember to add a few drops of disinfectant to up your cleaning game. Promise it will smell amazing later!

Tip: To achieve a quality restful night with zero disturbance, invest on a quality Night Curtains to block off all lights and to filter noise from outside. Night curtains can create the perfect surrounding by providing optimum privacy and a blackout effect in your room. Yes to a healthy, deep rest!


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