Fabric and Colour

Creating the desired mood of your room.  Fabrics bring out a different atmosphere and environment from each different type. If you’re looking for a more formal yet elegant look, silk or velvet fabrics will do well, and they act as a very good insulator too. These fabrics are only to be dry clean. For a more practical, and often washable, cotton sateen or silky rayon are suggested.

Yet for a laid-back, we suggest linen as it has a billowy effect, which are generally only dry clean or textured patterns for a fun relaxed feel.

Colours can bring out different feel in your home, to suit your desired theme. You will need to decide if you want your window dressings to blend in your decor, or to stand out. If you opt for blending, pick colours that are of same tone as your wall, or a few shades darker, or a delicate soft colour. A bold colour will work like an exclamation point, if you’re looking to add some contrast to wow your decor. Unlined curtains will allow colour to infuse the room when sun shines through, which may affect the whole look.

If you have other preferred theme, designs or colours in mind, be sure to let us know, and we will be glad to assist you!