Living in a Noisy Area? Here are 4 Easy Noise Reduction Solutions

Living on a bustling Singapore street can be unpleasant. Blaring music and even loud voices from your neighbours threaten to ruin the comfort of your private space. In the office, the loud noises can be a distraction and disruption from work.


As outside factors are much harder to control, your best bet might be to lessen noise from the inside. Here are some easy measures you can take to reduce noise pollution in your home or office.

1. Heavy Draperies


If the source of noise pollution in your home is from the windows, good curtains work wonders in absorbing and blocking sounds. Dual-layer curtains are a versatile and practical option. The layers of air between the curtains and the window capture and lessen any sound that seeps through thin glass. A lighter layer of fabric like organza can be used alone during quieter hours, and when it starts getting noisy, double it up with a thicker layer of curtains in bulky, sound-absorbing fabric such as velvet.

2. Line Walls with Furniture

If noisy next-door neighbours are the culprit, try lining shared or outside walls with furniture. For example, placing a bookcase against a wall shared with another home can help absorb sound coming through the walls. To double the effect, fill the piece of furniture with lots of books, clothes and other natural insulators against sound.

3.  Cover Floors with Rugs


We haven’t forgotten those with noisy neighbours from downstairs! If your floors are tiled or wooden, throwing on a thick rug will help dampen noise coming through the floor.

4.   Wallpaper


Adding a layer of wallpaper, especially those with protruding 3D textures, over a shared wall can help to reduce noise slightly.

We hope these quick tips will help you with your noise pollution problems. For the curtains and wallpaper we mentioned, you can find a range of premium quality styles at The Curtain Boutique. Also available are blinds, outdoor roller  shades, zip blinds and more!

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