Outdoor Roller Blinds Damaged by the Rain? 5 Step Guide on What To Do!

The rainy season is upon us! And if last night’s thundery showers was anything to go by, we are going to be in for a long wet season.  We have time and time again explained the benefits of keeping the rain out of your home (Read 6 Tips to Protect Your Furniture and Maximise it’s Lifespan) and we recommend doing so by installing Outdoor Roller Shades on your balcony/patio etc.

Outdoor Roller Shades help block out heat, light and rain. They are also supported by wind guide cables that prevent the shades from flapping around even in strong winds.

However, in the event that your outdoor roller shades get damaged due to stormy weather, here’s a quick 5 step guide on what to do if it ever happens to you:


Step 1 – Check for Safety

Before you even start doing anything, assess and ensure that the surrounding area is safe for you to get close. In particular, check if there are any sharp broken parts that’s lying around on the floor and/or if the storm is still ongoing, cause the last thing you want is for broken pieces to fly across the room and hit someone in the head.

Step 2 – Check the Damage

Once it’s safe to do so, approach your damaged outdoor roller blinds carefully and assess the damage. There are quite a few possibilities on what might have happened, the roller blinds could have fallen off it’s tracks/brackets, supporting posts might have been damaged, the fabric could have been spoiled or the spring/crank/motor system that operates your blind could have been faulty etc

At this juncture, it would be best to leave your blinds in an upright position.

Step 3 – Photograph the Damage

To aid your insurance claim process if any, it is best to then take pictures of the damaged Roller Shades and it’s surrounding area. This would act as proof that you may require for your insurance claims etc.

It may be wise to also take pictures of the damaged parts for easy explanation to our sales team on where and what has gone wrong.

Step 4- Get in Contact

In most cases, these damaged parts can easily be resewed, repaired or even replaced. Don’t have to trouble yourself by trying to look for spare parts cause that’s what we are here for.

With your newly taken photos of the damaged blinds, email or drop us a message on Facebook and explain your situation. We will do our best to ensure that your shades return to it’s former glory.

Do not worry if you did not get your Outdoor Roller Shades from us, do still get in touch with us and we will do what we can to help you with it.

Step 5 – Give your blinds a clean

If you have managed to fix your blinds on your own or if your blinds or still in tact, you should then also give it a wash to clean it up.

Use a good brush with soft bristles to get right of dirt and debris that could have been caught in the fabric. Do not apply too much force as it might damage the fabrics.

Once done, use a warm wet sponge to DAB on the soiled areas – Do NOT Scrub – Scrubbing may damage and remove dye from your beloved fabric that you have painstakingly selected.

Before retracting your blinds, do also wait for them to be completely dry. This would prevent any mould or mildew build up that can shorten the lifespan of your fabrics.

Till this horrendous weather goes away, follow this 5 steps in the event of damage to give yourself the highest possibility of salvaging your Outdoor Roller Blinds.

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