Tips On How To Decorate Your Balcony

Almost every development here in Singapore, whether it be an HDB or Condo, has an attached balcony. However, decorating this small space or making full use of it is often overlooked. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips that you may adapt in order to make your balcony look more warm and welcoming.

1. Patch of grass

Having a few of your balcony tile turned into artificial patches of grass could transform your balcony into a front porch, normally enjoyed by those who live in landed properties. You can enjoy your coffee here in the morning by adding in a nice set of tables and chairs to go with the atmosphere.

2. Add in little pots here and there.

Make your balcony look more green and trendy by adding in plant pots of your favourite flowers or even fruits!  Pick flowers and fruits that exude vibrant colours to brighten up your home. You can turn your balcony into a mini garden. You can also make it feel more welcoming towards your friends and family by adding in a relaxing chair or two.

3. Make it an extension of your living room with zip outdoor blinds

You can also close it up and turn it into an extended part of your living room. The best way to turn it into an extension is to close it up with zip blinds such as Ziptrak®. Ziptrak®’s no gap system also means that you can now extend your living space and relax on your balcony without being bothered by natural elements such as Rain, Sun, Heat, UV Rays and even pesky flying insects, whilst still enjoying the view.

4. Turn your balcony into a little reading nook.

You can always experiment with other furnitures to add in your balcony like shelves, and you might surprise yourself how you’ve turn your balcony into an enjoyable, zen, reading nook. With a touch of sunshine and the ambiance of the outdoors, reading in your balcony could make your activity feel more productive, with you being more focused.

5. Into the woods

Give your home a rustic but modern feel by opting for wooden furnitures. You can highlight the whole decor by adding in a plant accent wall, for your balcony to give off a nature vibe.

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