Elevate & Design your Home with Scandinavian Style in 5 Steps


Scandinavian design is renowned for its distinctively stylish yet cozy simplicity. It’s perfect balance of functionality and minimalism which are combined to create warm, practical homes with understated elegance, have been increasingly popular here in Singapore. If you too want to design and decorate your home with a Scandinavian theme styled interior, here’s a quick 5 step guide to creating the aesthetically pleasing and practical European Design in your home.

1. Lighten & Brighten


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Scandinavians are inspired by light, having little of it in winter, and homes tend to let in natural light in every part of the home.

Keep your windows clear of heavy ornamentation. Opt for sheer curtains or simple white blinds. Paint your walls in white or light shades to make your home look brighter and bounce light throughout the space. Furniture or flooring with glossy and reflective surfaces also help!

2.              Natural Elements


Nature and the weather are great influences on the Scandinavian design, as such, natural elements feature extensively in their homes.

Warm up your home by incorporating natural materials and accessories. This could be by way of wooden furniture, flooring or window blinds. Light coloured timbers such as oak or beech add a touch of nature while keeping with the light & bright Scandi style. As the style is all about minimalism, simple leafy plants or cacti are often favoured over flowers.

3.              Simple & Clutter Free

Less is more when it comes to incorporating the Scandinavian design into your home. Homes are simple, minimalist and clutter-free. Clear away any excessive decoration and keep the space organized. Clean & minimal should be your mantra when furniture shopping. Look out for fluid contours, organic shapes and solid colours.

4.              Functional Furniture

While minding the distinctive Scandi aesthetic is key, it’s equally important that your home is a practical and livable space. Furniture should be simple, functional and fuss-free. Ones that double as storage space is ideal to stow away less aesthetically-pleasing belongings out of sight.

5.              Pops of Colour


While plain white walls and pared-back furniture are a staple in Scandinavian design, you can inject more fun into the space with measured pops of colour. Keep them to accents with a few coloured decorative objects to add subtle interest, or introduce warmth and color through cushions, throws and rugs.

In summary, simple but exquisite is the key for a truly Scandinavian interior, and that look would not be completed without quality Curtains and Blinds. Visit us at The Curtain Boutique to view our full range of premium quality curtains, blinds, roller blindswallpaper and more.


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