How to Choose The Right Wallpaper for Your Home

Wallpaper can instantly transform the entire look of a room! As it could last up to 10 years or longer, choosing the right wallpaper may seem like a daunting task and a long-term commitment. If you’ve been wanting to add wallpaper to your home but hesitate with the endless range of choices, these 5 tips should help you decide what’s the right wallpaper for you.

1.     Stand Out or Blend In

The first step is to decide whether you want to make the wallpaper the centre of focus of the room with a bold colour or pattern, or to reiterate the interior theme with a subtler, complimentary wallpaper to blend in with the furniture and furnishings seamlessly.

2.     Flaws & Constraints

If your room is small, light coloured wallpaper will bounce light through the room to make the space seem more spacious. Vertical stripes draw the eye up and down to make the ceiling appear higher. If you decide on prints, opt for smaller prints as large prints can be overwhelming and make a small room feel cramped.

If you have a wall that has holes, cracks or other imperfections, wallpaper can hide these flaws and help to visually smoothen the surface for a cleaner look.

Wallpapers with protruding 3D textures can help to reduce noise slightly if you have a shared wall with noisy neighbours.

3.     Interior Style

Another thing to consider is style of the room you’re decorating.

For a casual room, faux finishes such as headboard and stucco are simple, casual options. If your room has a traditional European style, you could go for wallpaper with more elaborate prints and patterns like delicate florals or fine lines. For a room with a more contemporary style, consider bold geometric prints or wallpapers with glossy or metallic finishes. Large, bold florals are a classic option that make a timeless statement in a modern home. For a room with a luxurious theme, darker colours and damask prints have a dramatic and regal effect.

If your interior style is rustic, country or industrial, consider exposed brick prints or wooden prints to add warmth and texture.

4.     Location

If you’ve chosen a loud wallpaper with dramatic prints or loud colours, covering all four walls with it may be overwhelming. Instead, choose one feature wall to highlight an area of a room. This could be the first wall that you see when you enter the room, or the wall behind the bed or sofa.

5.     Type of Wallpaper

Paper backed wallpapers are usually a more affordable option, but it may be challenging to remove if needed, and may leave paper residue on your wall. Woven backed wallpapers generally come off easier and does less damage to your walls.

Check the wallpaper’s country of origin! Korean wallpaper comes in a wide range of stylish designs while wallpapers from countries such as Germany and Italy are generally of higher quality and tend to have more intricate and unique designs and textures.

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