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4 Must-Have Features of Outdoor Balcony Blinds

Most balconies are often desolate, left to collect whatever the windcarries: rainwater, fallen leaves, dust from the nearby construction sites andeven dead insects. Yikes! But your balcony can be so much morefunctional. One way is to equip it with outdoor blinds to shield it from theseunwanted elements and the scorching sun. However, not all outdoor […]
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Just like fashion, home interior trends have also had their fair share of trends which come and go, and there are those which are here to stay. Here are our picks for timeless concepts to add in your home furnishing journey.. 1. MIRROR-CLADDED WALLS Mirrors have charmed its way into the home industry since time […]
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Tips On How To Decorate Your Balcony

Almost every development here in Singapore, whether it be an HDB or Condo, has an attached balcony. However, decorating this small space or making full use of it is often overlooked. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips that you may adapt in order to make your balcony look more warm and welcoming. 1. […]
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How To Decorate In Time For CNY

It’s almost Chinese New Year, and about this time, celebrants are right to hustle and bustle as to how their houses will look like in order to ring in a prosperous, blessed, and happiness-filled New Year! One’s environment and surrounding is always an influencer in setting the mood, so in order to bring the good […]
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